Clayton Englar & Equinox

Cover to Equinox's debut release: 'Last World'

About Equinox:

Looking for something really new in contemporary music? Does much of what you hear lately (as was once said of jazz in the sixties) fall into one of two categories: “I’ve heard it all before” or “I never want to hear it again”? If so, then you owe it to yourself to check out this CD! Its definitely “Jazz”, but with a distinct “World Beat” attitude. The unusual instrumentation and strikingly original compositions and arrangements give Equinox its own unique sound.

This recording covers a wide range of styles and rhythms, from the up-beat, danceable title track, to the gentle Bossa-Nova of “After This”. A medley of one of Duke Ellington’s most popular compositions with one of his least known,”Caravan/Virgin Jungle” is a high-energy Samba, followed by the gentle ballad, “All Too True”. Jay Ungar’s beautiful waltz, “Ashokan Farewell”, states its haunting melody with the unique combination of electric bass and recorder, before dropping into a gospel-ish soprano sax solo. An unusual arrangement of John Coltrane’s “Equinox” starts with a capella tenor, then eases into a 5/4 vamp that is reminiscent of the composer’s later works.


Excerpts from the group’s debut release: “Last World”

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  • Powerful and moving… music that makes it hard to sit still. Englar and Jackson… have good chops and express their musical thoughts with vigor.Cadence Magazine
  • Exceptional writing and arranging… a unique sound… The two man percussion section is really excellent, and Joe Jackson’s trombone and the leader’s tenor and soprano sound great together.Jazz Times
  • Sophisticated jazz, baby! … the sort of smart record that you can’t listen to just once…If jazz is your bag, this one’s a winner.
  • The musicians are all exceptional…Englar’s compositions create an original climate, blending jazz and world music influences. – Le Jazz
  • Highly Recommended
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