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PayPal SealOur preferred payment method is online through PayPal – GVM is a VERIFIED PAYPAL MERCHANT. PayPal is used by virtually everyone on eBay, as well as many online merchants, is free for buyers, and is 100% secure (and you no longer need to be a registered member to make a payment – you just need a credit card, or you can also send an eCheck from your bank account). We also accept payment by mail with Money Orders and Personal Checks (orders filled once check has cleared). See the address at the bottom of this page.


How To Order:

1. Scroll down to the item you would like to purchase.

2. Click on the “Add to Cart” button – your order will appear in a separate Shopping Cart window, where you can also remove any items if necessary (just check “Remove”).

3. If you want to order other items, click “Continue Shopping”. If not, click “Checkout”

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal has a “Refund Payment” option available for up to 60 days after the payment is sent, if for any reason you need to change your order, or are not completely satisfied.


  • All prices include shipping!
  • The “CD-R”s are burned on a computer, and come with full-color labels and case inserts. Sound quality is identical to commercial CD’s, but you do need to handle them a bit more carefully.
  • The “Thursday Group Compilation” CD-R includes all but one of the tracks from the original 1983 “Thursday Group” LP (you know…those big black plastic disks that you had to turn over to listen to the rest of the album), and all tracks from the 1988 CD “Uncle Mean” – over 77 minutes of vintage, totally original jazz/fusion for only $8.50 (such a deal!).
  • Original copies of “Very Scary” are no longer available, so it is also a CD-R (for only $8.50 – such another deal!). We have the original, direct metal mastered LP available as well, for $9.50 – however it does not include the cuts “Forge” or “Evidence”. Excellent sound, though!

Clayton Englar and Equinox – “Last World”

Album art for 'Last World'

“Last World” (CD): $13.50

Windmill Saxophone Quartet – “This’n’That”

Album art for 'This n That'

“This’n’That” (CD): $13.50

Windmill Saxophone Quartet – “A Touch of Evil”

Album art for 'Last World'

“Touch of Evil” (CD): $13.50

Windmill Saxophone Quartet – “Very Scary”

Album art for 'Very Scary'

“Very Scary” (CD-R): $8.50

Windmill Saxophone Quartet – “Very Scary” – LP

Album art for 'Very Scary'

“Very Scary” (LP record – direct metal mastered): $9.50

Windmill Saxophone Quartet – “Live at Twins Jazz”

Album art for 'Live at Twins Jazz'

“Live at Twins Jazz” (CD-R): $6.50

Thursday Group

Album art for 'Thursday Group Compilation'

“Thursday Group Compilation” (CD-R): $8.50